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Selections from the Women’s Liberation Archives for Action

The material we are offering in our online library is listed below. Clicking on each title will bring you to a more detailed description, which will then take you to a PDF of each selection if you are a logged-in library reader.

These readings come from our catalog, which has been available since 1989. Click here to see a facsimile copy of the Redstockings Women's Liberation Studies Archives for Action Catalog, 2002 Edition,and read more about the history of the catalog on our About the Archives page.


Abolish the Time Limit on the ERA, packet of action documents by Redstockings, 1978.

Archives for Action Packet: Abortion Speakouts, 1969 and 1989, compilation by Redstockings, 1989.

Cell 16, Issue #1 (Untitled) of journal that would soon call itself No More Fun and Games, Cambridge, MA, 1968.

The Civil Rights Movement: Lessons for Women's Liberation by Kathie Sarachild, 1983.

Consciousness-Raising About National Health Care by Redstockings, 1987.

Consciousness-Raising Organizing Packet produced by Gainesville Florida Women's Liberation, 1998.

The Cultural Revolution [in China], the Women's Liberation Movement, and the Spirit of the '60’s by Colette Price, 1987.

*Feminist Revolution: An Abridged Edition with Additional Writings, a Random House reprint of some of the 1975 Redstockings original publication, edited by Kathie Sarachild, Carol Hanisch, Faye Levine, Barbara Leon & Colette Price, 1978.

* The Censored Section of Feminist Revolution, containing a major section "abridged" by Random House, and the story of the censorship, 1979.

How to Start a Group by Judith Brown of Gainesville Florida Women's Liberation, 1969.

Lilith #1, journal of the Women's Majority Union, Seattle, WA, 1968.

Marxism Without Male Supremacy by Carol Giardina, 1970.

Notes From the First Year, journal of New York Radical Women, 1968.

Origins of Consciousness-Raising in the South: Gainesville or Tampa? by Judith Brown, 1986.

The Radical Therapist, Special Issue: Women edited by Judith Brown, 1970.

Redstockings First Literature List (Fall 1969) and a Sampling of Its Materials compiled by Redstockings, 1989.

Redstockings West Manifesto, San Fransisco, CA, 1970.

Toward a Female Liberation Movement by Beverly Jones & Judith Brown, Gainesville, FL, 1968.

Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement #1-7, national newsletter edited by Jo Freeman, Chicago, IL, 1968-1969.

Women and the Danish National Health Care System, 1980, Danish government pamphlet​ reprinted by Redstockings, 1987.

Women for Peace or Women's Liberation? The Vietnam Era Soil for Feminism essays by Jenny Brown & Kathie Sarachild, 1989.

Women's Liberation & National Health Care: Confronting the Myth of America- a Redstockings organizing packet edited by Kathie Sarachild, Jenny Brown & Amy Coenen, 2001.

Women's Studies or Women's Liberation Studies? by Carol Giardina, 1991.

Woman's World #1-5, radical feminist newspaper edited by Barbara Leon, Colette Price & Kathie Sarachild, New York City, 1971-1972.


First Abortion Speakout organized by Redstockings in New York City, March 21, 1969.

Simone de Beauvoir Memorial Speakout organized by Redstockings in New York City, May 1, 1986.

20th Anniversary Abortion Speakout organized by Redstockings in New York City, March 3, 1989.


Complete Archives For Action On Microfilm

Many other documents are also newly available in a two-part microfilm series called The Redstockings Organizational Collection, Redstockings Women’s Liberation Archives for Action, 1940s-1991, published by Primary Source Media. Click here for information on purchasing the entire collection or selected reels or call 1-800-444-0799. You can contact us at Redstockingsfeminism@hotmail.com for suggestions on which reels contain which of the materials below. As the microfilm publication of The Redstockings Organizational Collection is already an available resource in some libraries, you may be able to borrow the reels through inter-library loan.

If any of the material below is not available on our website or microfilm—for instance, an audio recording-- let us know by email which items you would like. We will either email you a pdf of the document or send you a link to another website where you can find it. A fair donation to Redstockings to cover the womanpower, time, space and other resources needed to respond to your request will help speed up our ability to get you the material. You can make your contribution with the secure Paypal button below and let us know by email what material you need.

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