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New York City , September 23, 2012


photo and programs - fitzpatrick                                             Photo: Brendan Fitzpatrick
Programs. . . and photos of Shulamith Fiirestone by Lori Hirris                                


display - fitzpatrickRedstockings Archives for Action display. Photo: Brendan Fitzpatrick















close up working draft - fitzpatrickDisplay of revisions of The Dialectic of Sex: the Case for Feminist Revolution. Photo: Brendan Fitzpatrick

























marisa speaking - fitzpatrickRedstocking Marisa Figueiredo at the microphone. Shulamith Firestone's quilt in background. Photo: Brendan Fitzpatrick




















quilt close up - jonathanDetail of quilt by Shulamith Firestone, image of Simone de Beauvoir.
Photo: Jonathan Kaufman
















 bev grant - fitzpatrickBev Grant at the Memorial.                             Photo: Brendan Fitzpatrick















 audience bev grant                                                                             Photo: Bev Grant
Among the gathering above: Rosalyn Baxandall, Jenny Brown,
Phyllis Chesler, Susan Faludi, Vivian Gornick, Mary Lou Greenberg,
Amy Kesselman, Robert Roth, Ann Snitow and Jen Sunderland.















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