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Redstockings spoke on 2 panels. Click on each title for more info.

How to Defang a Movement: Replacing the Political with the Personal

Friday, March 28 at 11am, GSU Metcalf Ballroom
Ti-Grace Atkinson, Carol Hanisch, Kathie Sarachild, & Kathy Scarbrough

Tools of Radical Feminist Analyzing, Organizing and Mobilizing:
“Consciousness-Raising” and “History for Activist Use”

Saturday, March 29, at 9:30 am, GSU Metcalf Ballroom
Marisa Figueiredo, Carol Giardina, Kathie Sarachild, & Annie Tummino  

Click here for the home page of the Boston Conference, where you can find videos, bios, and text of all of the conference presenters.

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